Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Operators tangle: 3G what is the best billing

Without considering the number of sticky premise, you will choose which operators of 3G services? Estimate many would say, depends on which operator's network and the prices are cheap.

However, From these two indicators, placed in front of people is a full problem. Because of China's three operators using three kinds of different network standards, unfortunately, at present, the three operators in the 3G Internet business basically used 3 different billing methods:

China Telecom is mainly a long time and billing, traffic accounting by China Mobile, China Unicom is unique brand new billing and accounting concepts: M / T as multimedia content downloads billing unit.

Three operators using different billing methods, of course mainly from its own business characteristics and network the conditions. China Telecom has a wealth of fixed broadband resources, while a considerable part of a nationwide deployment of a large-scale urban WiFi network. Users can use broadband indoors, outdoors you can use EVDO, EVDO network in case of bad use of WiFi, the three major networks through a seamless integration of network coverage. In view of the three different network technologies, long-time billing is undoubtedly the most viable option, but also more in line with the formation of fixed broadband users habits.

China Mobile to traffic accounting program at this stage despite opposition by many consumers, but it does more in line with the current conditions of China Mobile's network.

As China Mobile's 3G network coverage is relatively not so perfect, "If the Internet when network conditions are bad places, users within a longer time than usual, just visit a website, then the user, is based on traffic charges more cost-effective or more cost-effective long time then? "a China Mobile insider on the outside world has such" high rates "challenge to be refuted.

China Unicom's tariff program also fully incorporates its own characteristics. As the WCDMA network in the experiences of foreign countries, as well as speeds has some advantages, WCDMA will become an important way for Internet access, in the process, download the content to the user fee will be the biggest concern.

M / T's billing sucked video and text based content to more reflect the image of the way, such as a song 2 M, 3 T, a novel, as each M and each T charges is clear and, therefore, the user also be further quantified for each download, in addition to no longer receive any further flow of charge value-added services to dispel the concerns of users.

Although the three major operators designed to meet the conditions of the tariff program itself, but to put these programs to the practice of market competition, inexperience 3G operators have begun to highlight the situation.

China Telecom "sad" to find, as are three means of access by users to choose, rather than automatically assigned according to the network conditions, a considerable proportion of users will be preferred EVDO network speeds faster than WiFi and ADSL, which allow EVDO networks overwhelmed.

China Mobile also had to face the reality: Nearly all of the users are accusing their rates are too high, according to traffic accounting statistics is not easy, so that access and network cards in this market, far below expectations. Only China Unicom, as a large-scale users of the development of not yet started, the user feedback received the least.

Thus, the three operators under the competition began to have to make changes to the billing. China Telecom, the phone line to take in accordance with traffic accounting, the mobile also "low key" to launch a long-time billing of two packages, in addition, a dream in the current mobile Internet, mobile also began to press "a" fee-charging such as a cell phone or a music video the charges, in addition to no longer receive traffic charges, which Unicom M / T billing would be similar.

Which accounting method is best? In fact, depending on customer needs. If a user wants to own MSN 24 hours online, while the actual MSN traffic is very small, so he must tend to charge by traffic; But if a user wants to watch a movie online, then he needs is a long time and billing , or press "one (the Department)" fee.

So, be sure the next three operators will adopt a more pluralistic approach to charging, in this regard to solve the operator's network limitations, on the other hand can meet the different demands of more users, which is more intense competition in the market inevitable.

As for the pre-market strategies, we might as an initial market research. As mentioned above, as China Mobile, who said: "We also need to test the market response, gradually reducing tariffs is a good thing after all, but a very low start thinking about improving tougher nut to crack."

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